Bike to Work Week 2014: May 26 - June 1!

2013 Greater Victoria Bike to Work Week

Total Results Entered for 2013 Greater Victoria Bike to Work Week

Registered Teams650
Participants (Cyclists)5,700
Round Trips Biked to Work by Participants19,137
First-time Cyclists930
Male Cyclists3,155
Female Cyclists2,545
Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip)259,356
Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved60,171
Participants Who Used Alternate Transportation2,418

Team Results

The following table presents daily participant trips (return trips, not one way), a total of all return participant trips / average workplace attendance, total return kilometres, and total kilograms of Greenhouse Gas emissions saved (which is calculated by total kilometres multiplied by 0.232 kilograms of CO2 per kilometre: a median factor provided by Natural Resources Canada Fuel Consumption Guide for Vehicles).

Results for Large (51 or more employees) Workplaces
#Team NameOrganizationMay 27 Daily Return TripsMay 28 Daily Return TripsMay 29 Daily Return TripsMay 30 Daily Return TripsMay 31 Daily Return TripsJun 01 Daily Return TripsJun 02 Daily Return TripsReturn Trips Reported / Total Possible TripsTotal KMs (Return)Total GHGs Saved (Kilograms)
1Sunset GlidersThe Salvation Army Sunset Lodge665660029/25499116
3UNIT4UNIT4 Business Software13119890050/50892207
4BernaCamosun College11111005/55613
5team victoria health unitVIHA HCC13131313130065/6531072
6Vital Stats Road BlazersMinistry of Health674530025/25461107
7Cyclists for JusticeCourt Services119111180050/50766178
8HandywayMinistry of Justice364431223/2842298
9OnTheTrailUniversity of Victoria324340016/2026361
10H.A.D. Enough of DrivingMinistry of Health12119670045/60530123
11RRU RoadiesRoyal Roads University352520211812122/1682,365549
12SEAPARC Big WheelsCapital Regional District00011002/561
14The Gear ChangersCity of Victoria441530017/5019946
15MEC VictoriaMountain Equipment Co-op (Victoria)19252425242715159/4761,159269
16Land PedlarsMinistry of Agriculture and Lands12131716110069/215474110
17"Rollin' Dollies"District of Oak Bay764861133/105640148
18population health and wheelnessMinistry of Healthy Living and Sport202625222200115/3751,213281
19UVic BiochemUniversity of Victoria192421222100107/3501,101255
20OHCS No Car-BonOffice of Housing and Construction Standards78111180045/16031172
21Latitude LegendsLatitude Geographics192621181800102/3701,136264
238th Floor Beacons of HealthVIHA RJH16192323231515134/4901,544358
24Petals to the MettleSaanich Parks and Recreation252319192211110/4201,108257
25Officers of the BicyclatureOffice of Information & Privacy Commissioner ; Ombudsman ; Merit Commissioner19191919190095/375825191
26I'm ItVIHA232320212200109/5001,066247
27The GORGEous RidersVIHA-South16161316113176/3501,090253
28ArchipedallersArchipelago Marine Research1211811100052/250522121
29PFC Old Wing Pacific Forestry Centre242317191700100/5001,270295
30The MED PedalersMinistry of Education8111013120054/275608141
31High RidersVictoria High School1010910100049/250513119
32Justice RidersMinistry of Attorney General16151318160078/4001,405326
33Quester TangentQuester Tangent17151417150078/4001,855430
34Wheel-ality Check University of Victoria1515151363168/350785182
35RepeatersCodan Radio Communications13121312120062/32032174
36Saanich Hall's AngelsSaanich Municipal Hall10971070043/2251,075249
37FujitcyclesFujitsu Consulting88109120047/250468109
38Weapons WheelersDND15151310120065/3501,343312
39Liquor Control and LicensingMinistry of Public Safety101091080047/260575133
40NRC RedShiftersNRC-Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics1291311130058/3251,432332
41Sundance Tire HogsSchool District 61791115130055/32500
42BC Registry ServicesBC Registry Services8991070043/255553128
43North Pacific GyreUniversity of Victoria13151314140069/410974226
44Diamond CuttersCity of Victoria1414916140067/410841195
45CTV Cycle JerksCTV Vancouver Island9119992049/30029769
46BC Ferries Work IT BC Ferries13121312150065/4001,488345
47Those 'Dam' CyclistsCapital Regional District1010109100049/3101,165270
48John Stubs SchoolSchool District 629941070039/250641149
49John Stubs SchoolSchool District 629941070039/250641149
50UVic Math and Stats CycloidsUniversity of Victoria109912121154/350575133
51SSCCFB Esquimalt21222009/6031072
52Vikes on BikesUniversity of Victoria23272322857115/7701,964456
53elcylistasUniversity of Victoria1211121280055/375612142
54Expectionally Active Office Environmental Assessment Office111291180051/350532124
55SCP SyclonesDistrict of Saanich89101243450/350463107
56Pacific Forestry Centre New wingPacific Forestry Centre101091290050/350553128
57The Aud SquadOffice of the Auditor General11151316160071/5001,001232
58CRD HQ Corporate CyclersCRD18131512120070/5151,004233
59Earth System CyclistsUniveristy of Victoria132116222821103/7701,389322
60tradingbladz4wheelzSpectrum Community School336444428/2101,276296
61Peops of 3400 DavidsonFLNRO at 3400 Davidson7108840037/28038890
62The VENTURE WheelersCFB Esquimalt - Naval Officer Training Centre101068101146/350911211
63The Tumbling DiceMinistry of Public Safety Solicitor General11111011111055/420478111
64CGI Cycling SupremesCGI Information System and Management Consultants Inc.22231717180097/7501,620376
65BTO Takin' Care of BusinessMinistry of Education1014111090357/450808188
66Biblio BikersUniversity of Victoria8101212130055/435458106
67Finance Corporate Services SpinnersMinistry of Finance711101050043/350464108
68PharmaCyclersMinistry of Health97131190049/400564131
69The SMUving grooving Vivat teamSt. Michaels University School71191060043/355499116
70HMCS Calgary 2013HMCS CALGARY182123211900102/8501,847429
71Municipal Pedaling PowerBC Pension Corporation777960036/30035282
72Cycling from the LawLegal Service Branch13111211120059/500870202
73Mt. Doug RamblursMt. Doug Secondary School981210110050/425671156
74MoH Pedal PushersMinistry of Health788660035/30040794
75 Shop 171Fleet Maintenance Facility - Cape Breton11131012120058/5001,273295
76NRgeticsMinistry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations710101080045/400744173
77Psycho for healthVIHA577450028/25026161
78Royal Riders Royal British Columbia Museum13141617141176/7001,202279
79Bookin' itAbeBooks1012119133058/540649151
80Central Saanich Rural RollersDistrict of Central Saanich710107101045/42041596
81PWGSC 1230 VictoriaPublic Works and Government Services Canada996661037/36036885
82PWGSC 1230 VictoriaPublic Works and Government Services Canada996661037/36036885
83Healthy WheelersMinistry of Health775880035/35042599
84Cool Aid cyclonesCool Aid Society322831293263161/1,610584135
85Healthy Choice Cyclists (HCC)Ministry of Health-2nd floor1010111180050/500530123
86Dunsmuir DrovesSchool676560030/300456106
87Rolling EnrolersUniversity of Victoria101389100050/500488113
88bcIMC Market CyclesbcIMC21181517170088/9001,479343
89Vic West Velosteachers433220014/1508119
90Stelly's StingersStellys Secondary School10105540034/375585136
91The RJH bikERsRoyal Jubilee Hospital121013873457/630447104
92Seventh Heaven CyclistsMinistry of Health1011101080049/550732170
93Children at Heart - Child Care Programs & ServicesMCFD11171412120066/750864200
94Seeker SprintasticsSeeker Solutions654330021/24025760
95MACH-ProRidersReliable Controls Corporation888780039/450518120
96PostcyclandaryMinistry of Advanced Education & Labour Market Development13151413100065/750940218
97Parks Canada TsunamiParks Canada433410015/17530671
98marine systems maggotsCFB Esquimalt433340017/20042097
99Poppy PeddlersVeterans Affairs Canada744361025/300449104
100Reynolds Road RunnersREYNOLDS SECONDARY SCHOOL9812840041/50042498
101BC Ferries Hull SpeedB.C.Ferries665561029/360688160
102CBSA VictoriaCanada Border Services Agency543431323/28732676
103Newton's cycling psychosUniversity of Victoria787591138/490511119
104StMargSpokesSt. Margaret School997770039/5101,362316
105The DerailleursWorksafebc878740034/450592137
106BCPSA 810 Blanshard - Agents of ChangeBC Public Service Agency15151515150075/1,000935217
107Glengarry's Wheeled WondersVIHA Residential Services444440020/2709021
108VIRCC Chain GangBC Corrections13139654151/700725168
109TCRidersTimes Colonist591111102250/700592137
110TELUS TelecommutersTelus292321131850109/1,5601,242288
111SCC Pedal PushersService Canada434440019/27526361
112Parkwood PeddlersRetirement facility233333219/28024056
113The Prices Alarms Pedal PushersPrices Alarms674551028/420558129
114Coast Guard CoastiesCanadian Coast Guard12121312110060/9001,398324
115Justice RidersMinistry of Attorney General13130000026/400481112
116Justice RidersMinistry of Attorney General13130000026/400481112
117Cardiac CrewVIHA - Royal Jubilee Hospital433330016/25016839
118Cycling in Records TimeMinistry of Citizens Services111213860050/80033377
119Schneider Electric - DynamosSchneider Electric182318192300101/1,6251,494347
120Wheeling WrenchesBC Transit676672236/58126561
121The Lodge RollersOak Bay Lodge1088712101065/1,0503,275760
122Second Floor FlyersBC Transit465780030/48527764
123Bikerack JockeysBC Transit966984446/79135983
124All Cranked UpTownship of Esquimalt222118191843105/1,820771179
125Bike Me 1Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure292324222111121/2,1002,297533
126ICBC - CC30 RidersICBC476840029/510473110
127La BratsIBM352340017/30030671
128ICBC Road AheadICBC21201212120077/1,4001,327308
130VGH labVIHA -Victoria General Hospital433321016/30031473
131Broadmead CyclepathsBroadmead Care Society11121015164573/1,4001,254291
132Victoria ShipyardsSeaspan Marine Corporation464444485054241/4,9003,667851
133BCCA RidersBC Cancer Agency262024232163123/2,5201,557361
134Viking AirViking Air Ltd222118202200103/2,1902,785646
135Seymour SpinnersMinistry of Labour and Citizens' Services343728303300162/3,5002,249522
136HP RydersHP Advanced Solutions234340016/37535883
137Smokin' SpokesMinistry of Labour and Citizens' Services10105890042/1,000540125
138REV It UpCanada Revenue Agency15201815140082/2,0001,417329
139Straight to the PointeDelta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa677998753/1,400468109
140Oak Bay CyclonesOak Bay Recreation Centre1114119110056/1,500560130
141Gustavson GladiatorsGustavson School of Business222330012/32519545
142BibliopedalsGreater Victoria Public Library10111110110053/1,445573133
143William Head InstitutionCorrectional Service Canada - William Head Institution302420011/30032375
144SPD SpinnersSaanich Police981211103255/1,540877203
145École Victor-BrodeurEcole Victor Brodeur674450026/75021851
146SchmoozersSt. Michaels University School333440017/500510118
147Belmont BikersBelmont Secondary School213340013/40034680
148BaycyclistasBayside Middle School22022008/25033277
149Fairmont Empress - Centennial CyclistsFairmont Empress1213121061155/1,75010524
150Epicure SelectionsEpicure Selections455440022/70036885
151Sea RidersBC Ferries100052210/33613531
152Expectionally Active Office Environmental Assessment Office1000000010/35010224
153The Jube TubesRoyal Jubilee Hospital15991196463/2,240608141
154Inn at Laurel Point Peddlers Inn At Laurel Point566586339/1,40040093
155Roentgen RidersVIHA-South10910773046/1,800555129
156Saanich PW Sprocket RocketsDistrict of Saanich744550025/1,000493114
157bike racketeersBC Transit353441020/86418543
158chateauvicChateau Victoria Hotel & Suites11111005/250307
159Wheel DeliverVIHA-South122221111/56014133
160bike rack wranglersBC Transit531541120/1,40024056
161Two Wheeled Attack TeamUniveristy of Victoria17181719190090/10,0001,267294
162BCBFR - BC Bike Friday RidersVISSC - Victoria-class In Service Support11111117/3,50014032
163We've Got This!DND11111005/50,00013030
164Solo CyclistB.C.0000000No Results00
Results for Medium (21–50 employees) Workplaces
#Team NameOrganizationMay 27 Daily Return TripsMay 28 Daily Return TripsMay 29 Daily Return TripsMay 30 Daily Return TripsMay 31 Daily Return TripsJun 01 Daily Return TripsJun 02 Daily Return TripsReturn Trips Reported / Total Possible TripsTotal KMs (Return)Total GHGs Saved (Kilograms)
1Willows WheelersSchool District 61788790039/3525058
2Galloping GoldersGolder Associates Ltd.711101090047/45468109
3Begbie High Rollers 2013VIHA - Begbie Hall15151212120066/651,226284
4Saanich FireSaanich Fire Department15151616141415105/1051,701395
5League CyclesLeague Financial Partners443450020/2027864
6BUYcyclistsShared Services BC444440020/2021850
7Oblique ReferencesGeoDigital International666750030/3039491
8Re-TreadsMinistry of Employment and Income15191815120079/801,265293
10Dawson DerailleursCamosun College17131412122272/911,899441
11CTB BikersMinistry of Finance99101180047/60662154
12UVic ASB A-WingUniversity of Victoria877880038/5018844
14Pedaling PartnershipsCapital Regional District13161614163179/126875203
15Heart BrakersVIHA - Royal Jubilee Hospital212627292854140/2241,581367
16FAIBulous Tree-counting PedalersMinistry of Forests19201520140088/1651,070248
17Beastie BikesEcosystems Branch912910140054/105694161
18The Carbon CycleClimate Change Branch17161617170083/175816189
19TBS StaffMinistry of Finance212021202000102/2201,128262
20Vancity VelocipedesVancity1111107883/1806816
21Centre for Global StudiesUniversity of Victoria444420018/4030370
22Shop 135CFB Esquimalt777770035/80668155
23BioDefenders (MoE)Ministry of Environment8910860041/10042699
24Les pédaleursDiv. 12 - Sir James Douglas School411710110043/1104310
25The Ochre StarsStarfish Medical Inc.19171516200087/2251,353314
26Water Cycle #1Ministry of Environment766550029/8022753
27EMBikersMinistry of Environment977560034/9541095
28CanCycleUniversity of Victoria698880039/1101,229285
29SPOKEY DOKES Fleet Maintenance Facility - Cape Breton1112121170053/1501,240288
30Blue ChipsDepartment of National Defence777770035/10042097
31Eulerian CyclesUniversity of Victoria8887100041/125473110
32Bike-manahCarmanah Technologies11151112120061/200944219
33Glen Lake LooniesGlen Lake Transport17151212170073/240663154
34Bounty huntersAttorney General887870038/125454105
35Road In & Fixed ItUniversity of Victoria14161615140075/250565131
36The Splendid SpokesUniveristy of Victoria129913100154/180585136
37Cycle PracticesMinistry of Forests978760037/125700162
38Vitesse d'EscargotUniversity of Victoria777880037/125669155
39The IndispensablesVIHA696871037/126668155
40FMF CB ShipwrightsFleet Maintenance Facility - Cape Breton91091060044/150747173
41Guilt RiddenVictoria Office333221014/4816538
42The Rusty SpokesPriologic Software666660030/10529067
43ESB- The Environment Strikes BackMinistry of Environment151281190055/195814189
44VIHA GAMP GorillasVIHA1214101080054/195798185
45OGC RIDERSOil and Gas Commission19171715141083/3001,329308
46IOS/PGC Tide Cyclists Institute of Ocean Sciences1113811100154/1981,647382
47ASL Enviro WheelersASL Environmental Sciences976880038/140718167
48Revenue WheeliesMinistry of Justice555530023/8534179
49Code Blue BikersV. I. H. A.485674337/140934217
50TP WipeoutsTimber Pricing Branch898950039/150467108
51Glenlyon Norfolk Middle SchoolSchool648685827200389/1,50000
52Wreckie RidersCity of Victoria344340018/7515636
54New Bike-ocratsNew Democrat Caucus Staff896770037/160452105
55Finance Money PedalarsCity of Victoria333310013/6013331
56Forest Tenure Policy PeddlersMinistry of Forests:344410016/7524056
57Naden Band of MARPACCFB Esquimalt449870032/15035683
58Cycle TherapistsVancover Island Health Authority7810891144/21030571
59Tourism Victoria RidersTourism Victoria457531126/12613030
60Giga BikesMicroserve Victoria444440020/100829192
61DCC Cycle FuryDefence Construction Canada1011141490058/290846196
62Sidney StridersElementary School Staff Team667880035/175622144
63Backwoods BikersDistrict of North Saanich666660030/15015035
64VIHA - Seniors' SpinnersV. I. H. A.12121110120158/3001,104256
65EMJSEcole Margaret Jenkins School555550025/130695161
66Ecstatic EnergizersMinistry of Energy777880037/200541126
67Freewheelin ParkiesMinistry of Environment1011101050046/250516120
68Wolf PackBC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres424431119/10515436
69View Royal CyclePathsTown of View Royal764550027/150555129
70Town of SidneyTown of Sidney1012121270053/300956222
71UGC Biker BrigadeUplands Golf Club332143218/10520948
72TSATeam Saanich Annex568740030/175431100
73RMBRisk Management Branch738970034/200601139
74JEA Pedaling PensioneersJEA566640027/160674156
75Hillcrest StarsHillcrest Elementary School663240021/12523855
76The Wheelers and DealersACT Team889890042/250531123
775th Wheelers (Keep on Turning) 800 Johnson455650025/15033979
78UBC Family Residency RoadiesVIHA913101193358/350818190
79The Uncanny RXmenRoyal Jubilee Hospital131171093457/350589137
80Bike MinersMinistry of Energy799780040/25036384
81ISC CyclersUniversity of Victoria446550024/15028867
82Gordon Head 2 Wheel CrewDistrict of Saanich844532228/17523254
83Harbour BottomsGreater Victoria Harbour Authority10128882048/300616143
84Learning in MotionUniversity of Victoria9878100143/270573133
85Environment Fifth Floor Flyers2975 Jutland 5th FLoor676750031/19533177
86West Shore Warrior WomenVancouver Island Health Authority254450020/13018743
87CSNR CSB DowntownMinistry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations32112009/606315
88Montessori MauraudersMaria Montessori Academy (school)646452027/18032575
89Shoreline SharksShoreline Middle School666660030/200578134
90CFB ESQuimalt Fire Dept.C.F.B. Esquimalt Fire Dept.333330116/10839291
91Comms Car-free CommutersBC Pension Corporation663520022/15020848
92Fourth Floor FlyersSport & Cultural Development577770033/225476110
93The Re-CyclistsCamosun College556330022/150509118
94Good Times CyclingTourism and Innovation999840039/27034881
95Quality Research & Safety VIHA-South443430018/12513130
96CHILL on WheelsSchool District 61887681038/270502116
97InfocyclistsMinistry of Environment1014151590063/450767178
98Trusty RustiesIslands Trust996750036/26020447
99Pro-pedalers with Professional PracticeVancouver Island Health Authority534440020/14527363
1005a PedalpushersVIHA - Victoria General Hospital667710027/200430100
101Team Spoke'n WordUVic655560027/20019946
102Postal PeddlarsBC Mail Plus566550027/20032876
103BCA Capital RidersBC Assessment435530020/15024858
104The Rubber LeggersSir James Douglas School755450026/20026862
105Burning RubberWildfire Management Branch574860131/240507118
106Mount Tolmie PedalersPriory Hospital443432222/17518242
107The Muddy MisfitsVancover Island Health Authority665776744/350614142
108Frank Hobbs ElementarySchool752560025/20027664
109CAS Without GASMinistry of Labour and Citizens' Services6117940037/30037888
110Doncaster CyclistsDoncaster Elementary School156361022/18027163
111bloodsweat&gearsCanadian Blood Services222333217/14012729
112Team HemmaHemma the Home of Yoga and Acupuncture764662334/28011627
113548 MichiganMinistry of Labour and Citizens' Services13171113140169/570956222
114Rat PackUniversity of Victoria544494232/280520121
115The Coast Capital CoastersCoast Capital Insurance Services Ltd453440020/175546127
116Crash!HP Advanced Solutions544430020/17536384
117Colwood City CommutersCity of Colwood765460028/25039191
118Spokin' HotGarth Homer Society595860033/30021049
119Carbon derailleur’sCommunity sport and cultural development143440016/15019846
120The Healthcare Pro-ridersUniversity of Victoria647861032/300481112
121North Saanich Middle SchoolNorth Saanich Middle School355150019/18024056
122Happy Valley TigersHappy Valley Elementary School453450021/200447104
123The Student Affairs SpoketacularsUniversity of Victoria431140013/12514934
124Les VélomanesCFB Esquimalt544760026/25038389
1254th FloorMinistry of Education533430018/17516037
127SIDES Speedy SpokesSouth Island Distance Education School755690032/325586136
128Cedar Hill CamelsSaanich Parks and Recreation332220012/12523254
129Burnside GorgeousBurnside Gorge Community Association455450023/24532676
130Exercise Your VoteElections BC555500020/22028165
131The RecyclistsMinistry of Justice355430020/225434101
132Pearkes Peddlers 2District of Saanich311142012/13813030
133Anderson and AssociatesJE Anderson & Associates222220010/1159923
134Wheels of JusticeMinistry of Attorney General324340016/18525659
135New kids on the BlockAdvanced Solutions an HP Company376440024/280459106
137UVic Child Care Services "Training Wheels"University of Victoria222220010/12510023
138Cycles of JusticeUniversity of Victoria642250019/25032074
139Second to NoneMinistry of Education454330019/25016739
140Palliative Peddlers Squadron 40+ (PPS over 40)Victoria Hospice Society466651129/385632147
141GTHSGT Hiring Solutions Inc (2005)322330013/17516037
142JTI KnightsTourism and Innovation (MJTI)433330016/23015837
143RavensRockheights Middle School11202006/1009923
144Supply Chain GangCFB Esquimalt333320014/24028265
145VGHER ResuscitatorsVIHA - Victoria General Hospital212242013/24023053
146Continuing CyclersUniversity of Victoria333312015/30020848
147The VikesThe City of Victoria00011002/40102
148Stoked on SpokesMCFD22221009/18010023
150Shaw CableShaw Cable14151214112169/1,4001,127261
151Team PheonixPheonix Human Services Association322320012/25012028
152HPAS Corporate Chain GangHP Advanced Solutions466220020/47531974
153WCLTWestshore Centre for Learning and Training21221008/19019946
154YESYouth Empowerment Society20000002/50256
155Brentwood EaglesBrentwood Elementary00223007/20010224
156The Level GroundersLevel Ground Trading11110004/12010524
157The Cyclepathic KillersMDA Access BC Ltd11111005/17551
158ABRollersMinistry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation565450025/1,250430100
159Westshore bikersVIHA HCC20100003/20015536
160GoGetterSole Rider11100014/300205
161cycling hubometersBC Transit01001002/2759221
162Daycare DynamosVIHA-South10000001/175338
163RJH Rehab RidersVIHA1062342128/7,00025860
165JurispedallersAttorney General000000046/25000
166IG BikesInvestors Group00000002/5000
Results for Small (11-20 employees) Workplaces
#Team NameOrganizationMay 27 Daily Return TripsMay 28 Daily Return TripsMay 29 Daily Return TripsMay 30 Daily Return TripsMay 31 Daily Return TripsJun 01 Daily Return TripsJun 02 Daily Return TripsReturn Trips Reported / Total Possible TripsTotal KMs (Return)Total GHGs Saved (Kilograms)
1James Bay RidersJames Bay Community Centre503220012/104611
2Bio-CycleVIHA - Royal Jubilee Hospital11121006/510925
3CBI Victoria DowntownCBI546330021/2010825
4PCIC Carbon CyclesPacific Climate Impacts Consortium11121011110055/5541596
5Campus View StaffCampus View Elementary School677780035/3542298
7Killer WheelsOak and Orca School12131111110058/7535081
8Mega HurtsBC Hydro232223232463124/1612,169503
9Mega HurtsBC Hydro232223232463124/1612,009466
10Frontrunners Frontunners Footwear256345126/3525960
11Groovy GearsHP Advanced Solutions681010100044/60940218
12UVic CYClistsUniveristy of Victoria544440122/3036384
13D'Ambrosio draftersD'Ambrosio architecture + urbanism81099100046/70562130
14Photo TCFB Esquimalt Imaging Sevices567770032/50881204
15TEAM BLACKTOPVIHA555550025/4036585
16CHAIN EVERYTHING!Camosun College10111312160062/100914212
17peninsula pacersSaanich Peninsula Hospital OR444352022/3640895
18Red RidersCardiac Rehab910111050045/75723168
19peddlenetsVancouver Island Health Authority - Network Services675440026/45672156
20Carbon ErasersPacific Carbon Trust9101110110051/90550128
21We Always Bike to WorkFLNRO991010100048/85536124
22Shift/Hemp & CoShift254335123/4210224
23The Radio FlyersCBC Radio Victoria585580031/6522953
24Fort Rodd HillParks Canada447751028/60438102
25Team FixFix Healthcare Victoria888882042/90465108
26Brain TrainVIHA466860030/65528123
27The Ocean and The RiverOcean River Sports453567535/7722853
28Formula 1 RichmondVIHA - Richmond Pavilion5677100035/80433101
29RDH Biking EngineersRDH Building Engineering Ltd.265650024/55475110
30Latitude TechnologiesLatitude Technologies Corporation9111011140055/130722168
31Tree StoogesMinistry of Forests:554430021/50443103
32Fish on the FlyFreshwater Fisheries Society of BC565520023/5518643
33Saddle BagsEllisDon-Kinetic644650025/6023354
34Top GeerUniversity of Victoria443340018/4516438
35We-Be-SpokenMinistry of Health - 3rd Floor466860030/7531172
36Go for it Health Canada231220010/255813
37Easy Cycling Smoothly Moving Bike TeamUniversity of Victoria545460024/6038589
38Gorge Rowing and Paddling CentreGorge Rowing and Paddling Centre1099975352/140521121
39Packet PedalersEightfold Logic233230013/3521650
40Team OHSVancouver Island Health Authority364360022/6025960
41Green City RollersCity Green Solutions433330016/4513231
42Recovery Roadiesr j h8781092448/14035983
43RBC CommercialRBC Financial group454400017/5033077
44Not Same PersonsPassport Canada555550025/7523053
45Protecting the Planet on Two WheelsCRD775760032/10030571
46Protecting the Planet on Two WheelsCRD775760032/10030571
47Savvy StylistsARQ Hair Salon334333019/609021
48Douglas Dream TeamDouglas magazine244550020/6540895
49Bruno Gerussi Memorial Cycle TeamForest Practices Board443220015/5017240
50MS Society 2 Wheel Self PropellersMS Society of Canada454450022/7536585
51Hypoxic DriveVancover Island Health Authority899550036/12529268
52Energy Re-cyclersMinistry of Energy524340018/6515335
53Gorge-ous Bike GangVancouver Island Health Authority665542129/10536986
54CFRC RollersCanadian Forces556540025/9532876
55CLBicyC’lersCommunity Living BC365560025/95538125
56Co-op Community Health CentreVictoria Community Health Coop323330014/5517541
57The LegislatorsCity of Victoria665630026/10519144
58HPpy RidersAn HP Company564540024/100430100
59Sundance PedalgogsSchool District 61254550021/9012930
60Group VelocityJASCO Research Ltd243330015/6517741
61PsyclonesYouth Forensic Psychiatric Services542330017/7513832
62The SpokespeopleCamosun College344440019/8527564
63Continental DriftersClover Point Cartographics443110013/6030370
64easyriderzDr. Richard Chambers and Associates344320016/7514834
65city of victoria - Ride I.T.City of Victoria454320018/8518743
66VREB - Real Estate CyclesVictoria Real Estate Board444440020/95715166
67 PsychopeddlersVIHA333222116/7722151
68WSAC on WheelsWomens Sexual Assault Centre433210013/659021
69QSLQuartech Systems142330013/6514133
70The Pedal RebelsAngel Accessibility Solutions Ltd333230014/709923
71HPSE PedolometersMinistry of Health677550030/15021650
72Eric's Pedal Powered PlatoonHome Energy Solutions12222009/459522
73CFHADND Canadian Forces Housing Agency12123009/4516338
74Dirt DigglersSNC Lavalin422331015/7816739
75New Bikers Celebrate!Vancover Island Health Authority433332220/10538990
76Small Bottom ObjectsHydrographic Services Office233320013/706916
77Coast Guard ChoppersCoast Guard Helicopters212230111/6018042
78Rescue RollersRescue Coordination Centre Victoria112223314/7739391
79Regulatory RidersBC Safety Authority222220010/5525058
80Hot PursuitRoyal Canadian Mounted Police112212110/566014
81Patisserie PedalersPatisserie Daniel112413315/8415837
82Pedllin LawAttorney General332320013/7521149
83Rockland RouleursRockland Scientific International110440010/609622
85VHF Fund RacersVictoria Hospitals Foundation554540023/14032776
86Timber PeddlersMinistry of Forests223320012/7520046
87Butler Bros. Butler Brothers Ltd.433330016/10019345
89Back in the SaddleMinistry of Health14141113110063/425698162
90ADVAUniversity of Victoria342121013/9012429
91Uptown Pedal PushersUptown222111110/708921
92McElhanney WheelersMcElhanney Consulting Services Ltd114440014/10022652
93Preposterous Planning PedalHeadsSaanich Municipal Hall1012141181157/420662153
94The Cedar SpokesSurrounded By Cedar Child and Family Services222220010/7512629
95Politically IncorrectWesco Victoria22211008/6026060
96TEAM TWO TRACKSCFB Esquimalt BLOG SCO323220012/9024457
97Acheson AcersAcheson and Company223221012/9023254
98UVic SpokespeopleUniversity of Victoria222230011/859823
99The J RideCanadian Forces22122009/7014133
100AOT VIHA-AOT23201008/654911
101A Broughton Cycle-litionInc.11112006/509021
102Camosun College Centre for Sport and Exercise EducationCamosun College432427325/210492114
103Bike2ESQEsquimalt High School767770034/300510118
104Bike2ESQEsquimalt High School767770034/300510118
105Oil and GasMinistry of Energy33300009/8035081
106Team OMROpus International Consultants Ltd11111005/455012
108LPP CyclepathsMinistry of Citizens Services03311008/806214
109McElhanney WheelersMcElhanney Consulting Services Ltd114400010/10016238
110DEFIANCECandian Fleet Pacific222220010/10522051
111Long trekOak bay beach hotel777777749/525941218
112Healing WheelersVictoria Physicians01111004/45256
113Westshore 125Westshore Liquor Store11111005/609021
114Pension Policy PeddlersBC Pension Corporation22110006/808520
115LPP CyclepathsMinistry of Citizens Services03210006/805813
116Bikers from Barb'sBarb's Place Fish and Chips121133112/17522953
117Neverblue PsycholistNeverblue Media Inc.555555535/52524457
118Westbrook ConsultingWestbrook Consulting Ltd11111005/757517
119PCC Acciona PedalersAcciona FS444552226/42031874
120Ryzuk Road RebelsRyzuk Geotechnical10022005/954611
121WEE BikeService Canada1313912130060/1,250734170
122langford bus stopsBC Transit12212008/17514834
123Keating FoodiesIndependants11110004/9013231
124LPP CyclepathsMinistry of Citizens Services02200004/955112
125Jawly JumpersJawl Properties Ltd.11100003/758319
126RCSU (PACIFIC)CFB Esquimalt323110010/30020147
127JBIJames Bay Inn11110004/1509622
128QACCH Beachside BikersVancover Island Health Authority11011004/2007217
129UX / UI Development at Sierra SystemsSierra Systems11111106/3008520
130MD Gals MD Management000000035/7700
Results for Mini (10 or less employees) Workplaces
#Team NameOrganizationMay 27 Daily Return TripsMay 28 Daily Return TripsMay 29 Daily Return TripsMay 30 Daily Return TripsMay 31 Daily Return TripsJun 01 Daily Return TripsJun 02 Daily Return TripsReturn Trips Reported / Total Possible TripsTotal KMs (Return)Total GHGs Saved (Kilograms)
1The Communicating CommutersGovernment Communications and Public Engagement12120006/5256
2Urban CyclistsUrban Systems Ltd.11211107/6307
3Les SabourinsFamily Team!222320314/1211928
4A Pedaling Park School District 62 and Deafblind Services Society11111005/58119
5Healthy GreeniesHealthy Green Building Consultants222220010/1010625
6Domestic GoddessDomestic Goddess11111117/78520
7Vff Pink BrigadeVictoria Film Festival12011005/58019
8Team R & BEMJS222220010/105012
9Hell on WheelsVictoria BC222231214/14803186
10HoppyAcoustic Data Analysis Centre (Pacific)11111005/514834
11100 Acre GroupWestern Div & Friends222220010/1025659
12Kirstine's teamKirstine Potentier11111005/55813
13No Pain No GainVigil Health Solutions222220010/1014032
14May the forks be with youAboriginal Family Services456540024/2539892
15Orca BooksOrca Book Publishers345340019/206415
16DDC financial planningother113321011/1211426
17CIBC Business BankingCIBC333330116/18675157
18Art PeddlersUniversity of Victoria666762235/4239291
19The awesome Turkish delightCineplex Entertainment01111004/5368
20Phat Map CatsGeomemes Research Inc232230012/1511927
21JonesrusO'Darby Kennels333300012/1523053
22VHC BikesVictoria Healing Centre11110004/5348
23carleigh!5th Floor10111004/5379
24RSP PedlarsVIHA87101090044/55471109
25Mondo BondobcIMC555550025/35485113
26Victoria Symphony CyclistsVictoria Symphony Society442340017/257217
27James MoncrieffHome Base11001104/6205
28Dynamic Systems AnalysisDynamic Sytems Analysis Ltd222220010/1510424
29Welcome WheelsUniversity of Victoria222321012/1810023
30Shiny TeethDr. Bill Hunter332221114/2111727
31DenaAboriginal Services Team222220010/1510023
32GOERT AcornsGarry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team Society244210013/2012128
33Carrot Seed Carrot Seed Preschool23121009/1522652
34Cycling Figarini3rd floor Central Building01110003/5307
35Research RoadrunnersVictoria Heart Institute Foundation33120009/1512830
36techcyclesVIHA - Victoria General Hospital765770032/5520347
37ADVENTURE TRAVEL COMPANY TEAMAdventure travel/FIT Tour/cycling222221112/2118443
38Conservation CabooseHabitat Conservation Trust Foundation553340020/3510424
39PopeyeCFB Esquimalt554440022/40731170
40Redbird Bikes!Redbird Communications223220011/2020948
41Rockin MaterialsMinistry of Transportation433210013/259221
42GicycleV. I. H. A.11991280049/9539692
43We Ride Don't Drive2 of Us02210005/104310
44Team GlacierFAMILY TEAM222220010/2015837
45The B TeamFriends11111117/1418643
46J TeamJ Team11111005/109021
47The Joint PeddlarsVIHA-South222220010/2023053
48SavvyYoungBlancsSYB Multisport455550024/5024156
49Dead air DynamosCFUV 101.9 FM757651132/7039191
50Schwinn_HCMAHughes Condon Marler Architects544430020/4524858
51Try CyclistsV. I. H. A.565550026/6033477
52Bike babesVancouver Island Woman's Clinic598862038/90770179
53WildPlay Life Chain-gersWildPlay Ltd.345250019/4531172
54TeamChrisRetired Consultants11100025/1210023
55GreengineersKerr Wood Leidal777550031/7524858
56BelieveVancouver Island Health Authority232310112/3016638
57ADIOChiropractic Office11000002/56014
58Luger RacingLu8ger Inc.10001002/54310
59The MartleteersThe Martlet01221006/15409
60the intrinsic downward coastersRefractions Research Inc.133340014/3516538
61JorJaxCanadian Forces243442221/56568132
62Whining WinemakersThe Winemaker12221109/2414333
63Tel's AngelsTelus11111005/157016
64Turner TwosomeVIHA - Royal Jubilee Hospital222210110/3013231
65NeuroMotion Pedal HeadsNeuroMotion Physiotherapy Victoria11111005/155413
67LSullivanCFB Esquimalt11111005/15102
68INAFUniversity of Victoria555440023/7033778
69Langford Long Distance LeagueBoulevard Transportation Group423210012/4035282
70Precise Peddlers - VIATecImmuno-Precise Antibodies Ltd.353320016/5528566
71Western Wheelers3rd floor 818 broughton222220010/35307
72ShertuckShaerwood Tucker Ltd21112007/2523855
73Bellies on BikesBellies in Bloom11011105/184611
75CSC Vic ParoleVictoria Parole Office673440024/9040895
76Book KingPacific Tier Solutions Incorporated21212008/3017140
78Goldstream BicyclesGoldstream Ave Bicycles222212213/4912128
79Books and BikesFirst Choice Books/Victoria Bindery333220013/508620
80Sitka PsychlistsSitka Health Centre233221114/5622652
81FMF IT CrowdFleet Maintenance Facility - Cape Breton545650025/100607141
82TAPSIE TurvyTogether Against Poverty Society222220010/40307
83Only OneUniversity of Victoria Art Collections11111005/205312
84CivicInfo/ LGMA Civic Info BC / Local Government Management Association221230010/409422
85Research RidersVIHA655542229/11933678
86PWD Peddle PushersMinistry of Employment and Income10108680143/180468109
87H2O RidersCity of Victoria332231014/6017240
88CORICoastal and Oceans Resources Inc.12113008/35599139
89Hemmera VictoriaHemmera13221009/459321
90COHO-Fish-on-a-BicycleCooperative Housing Federation of BC01111004/20399
91RSV Prevention ProgramVGH10000001/5123
92Team BCARTotangi Properties03000003/15102
93test team 2013btww11111005/2551
94Switchboard CyclersRoyal Jubilee Hospital11111005/256214
95MuniCityCity View222220010/5013130
96The Morgan'sFamily20000002/10123
97Teadore ActiveTeadore Professional Services01000001/5102
98one and onlyAdvanced Education01111004/208019
99Cloud CodersAVST Inc.10101003/154210
100The Workin' FolksHowie's Car Corral11121118/4210524
103BGC BikersBoys and Girls Clubs of Greater Victoria433440018/10030671
104Island GirlStarbucks Victoria00111104/24184
105Weeda StampsWeeda Stamps00000101/620548
106GSS Roaring LionsUniversity of Victoria432243321/12625559
107CISCameron Izard Snell22121008/5016839
108Power of TwoService Canada211121210/6319846
109Cedar Hill Chill RidersSchool District 616651040031/20037487
110Prestigious on two wheelsPrestige Joinery11111005/355312
111Marine Pedalers3rd Floor - 1520 Blanshard555450024/175497115
112Consumer Protection Commuter PerfectionConsumer Protection BC423210012/9010224
113RPG Green TeamRichmond Property Group Ltd.20112006/456515
114RCY RollersThe Office of the Representative for Children and Youth466550026/20025258
115Thirsty ThirdsMinistry of Community Services767670033/300531123
117Rainbow BriteCompass11111117/7017641
118Eagle View ElementaryGreater Victoria School District222221011/12020046
119ResolutionRevolutionDispute Resolution Office10011003/355713
120BC RegulatorsACOTRO10110003/35307
121TSS BikersTSS HUFFERS11112107/8414133
122RJH Clinic 5Vancouver Island Health Authority22000004/50286
123Counterfeit JuddsBC Public Service10010002/25389
124Campbell ConstructionCampbell Construction10101003/407517
125HighlandsDistrict of Highlands11000002/30225
126PRMDCapital Regional District533321017/27037687
127VictoriansLevelton Consultants01100002/405413
128CrystalPoolThe City of Victoria412321013/3006916
129The Medes and the PersiansLegislative Assembly of British Columbia01100002/50246
130tires&tubesTire Stewardship BC00001001/25297
131mustang1965Volvo Victoria00001001/3061
132Team Mya PapayaCity of Victoria333330015/50014032
133spandex sparklersVancouver Island Health Authority00011103/1089622
134Marine Pedalers3rd Floor - 1520 Blanshard555450024/1,035497115
135Fueled by plantsKale Spa10000001/250256
136WTFCamosun College00000001/25000

Results So Far

These results do not reflect final numbers until after Bike To Work Week. Numbers shown below are only for teams that have reported so far.

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2013 North Okanagan Bike To Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 56
  • Participants: 401
  • First Time Cyclists: 77
  • Male Cyclists: 201
  • Female Cyclists: 200
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 12,894
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 2,991

2013 Squamish Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 35
  • Participants: 172
  • First Time Cyclists: 38
  • Male Cyclists: 70
  • Female Cyclists: 102
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 5,178
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 1,201

2013 Sunshine Coast Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 86
  • Participants: 615
  • First Time Cyclists: 116
  • Male Cyclists: 320
  • Female Cyclists: 295
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 15,147
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 3,514

2013 Port McNeill Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 6th

  • Registered Teams: 3
  • Participants: 34
  • First Time Cyclists: 12
  • Male Cyclists: 18
  • Female Cyclists: 16
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 257
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 60

2013 BC Communities Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 33
  • Participants: 149
  • First Time Cyclists: 43
  • Male Cyclists: 55
  • Female Cyclists: 94
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 4,011
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 931

2013 Dawson Creek Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 10
  • Participants: 7
  • First Time Cyclists: 3
  • Male Cyclists: 6
  • Female Cyclists: 1
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 238
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 55

2013 Summerland Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 10
  • Participants: 23
  • First Time Cyclists: N/A
  • Male Cyclists: 16
  • Female Cyclists: 7
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 451
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 105

2013 Merritt Bike To Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 7
  • Participants: 40
  • First Time Cyclists: 4
  • Male Cyclists: 22
  • Female Cyclists: 18
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 945
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 219

2013 Invermere Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 22
  • Participants: 49
  • First Time Cyclists: 7
  • Male Cyclists: 21
  • Female Cyclists: 28
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 1,328
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 308

2013 Pemberton Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 8
  • Participants: 45
  • First Time Cyclists: 10
  • Male Cyclists: 8
  • Female Cyclists: 37
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 987
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 229

2013 Grand Forks Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 4
  • Participants: 11
  • First Time Cyclists: 1
  • Male Cyclists: 7
  • Female Cyclists: 4
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 1,354
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 314

2013 Salt Spring & Other Gulf Islands Bike To Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 39
  • Participants: 131
  • First Time Cyclists: 53
  • Male Cyclists: 50
  • Female Cyclists: 81
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 5,298
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 1,229

2013 Greater Victoria Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 650

2013 Nanaimo Bike To Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 57
  • Participants: 238
  • First Time Cyclists: 32
  • Male Cyclists: 117
  • Female Cyclists: 121
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 9,101
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 2,111

2013 Revelstoke Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 49
  • Participants: 353
  • First Time Cyclists: 47
  • Male Cyclists: 141
  • Female Cyclists: 212
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 10,126
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 2,349

2013 Prince Rupert Bike To Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 2
  • Participants: 1
  • First Time Cyclists: N/A
  • Male Cyclists: N/A
  • Female Cyclists: 1
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 15
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 3

2013 Prince George Bike To Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 76
  • Participants: 326
  • First Time Cyclists: 73
  • Male Cyclists: 153
  • Female Cyclists: 173
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 10,587
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 2,456

2013 Shuswap Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 12
  • Participants: 40
  • First Time Cyclists: 4
  • Male Cyclists: 19
  • Female Cyclists: 21
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 1,204
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 279

2013 Smithers Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 65
  • Participants: 322
  • First Time Cyclists: 49
  • Male Cyclists: 146
  • Female Cyclists: 176
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 8,167
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 1,895

2013 Powell River Bike To Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 31
  • Participants: 150
  • First Time Cyclists: 40
  • Male Cyclists: 70
  • Female Cyclists: 80
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 4,147
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 962

2013 Penticton Bike To Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 80
  • Participants: 354
  • First Time Cyclists: 53
  • Male Cyclists: 177
  • Female Cyclists: 177
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 11,376
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 2,639

2013 Oceanside Bike To Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 4
  • Participants: 22
  • First Time Cyclists: 2
  • Male Cyclists: 11
  • Female Cyclists: 11
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 764
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 177

2013 Terrace Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 42
  • Participants: 190
  • First Time Cyclists: 49
  • Male Cyclists: 98
  • Female Cyclists: 92
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 4,873
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 1,131

2013 Tofino Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 7
  • Participants: 19
  • First Time Cyclists: 4
  • Male Cyclists: 6
  • Female Cyclists: 13
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 691
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 160

2013 Whistler Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 53
  • Participants: 207
  • First Time Cyclists: 43
  • Male Cyclists: 84
  • Female Cyclists: 123
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 5,749
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 1,334

2013 Langley Bike To Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 48
  • Participants: 125
  • First Time Cyclists: 46
  • Male Cyclists: 68
  • Female Cyclists: 57
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 5,502
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 1,277

2013 Kamloops Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 125
  • Participants: 918
  • First Time Cyclists: 204
  • Male Cyclists: 479
  • Female Cyclists: 439
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 24,072
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 5,585

2013 Kootenays Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 6
  • Participants: 23
  • First Time Cyclists: 1
  • Male Cyclists: 11
  • Female Cyclists: 12
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 1,319
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 306

2013 Kitimat Bike to Work Week

May 26th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: N/A
  • Participants: N/A
  • First Time Cyclists: N/A
  • Male Cyclists: N/A
  • Female Cyclists: N/A
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): N/A
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: N/A

2013 Kelowna & Central Okanagan Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 256
  • Participants: 1,277
  • First Time Cyclists: 263
  • Male Cyclists: 653
  • Female Cyclists: 624
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 56,326
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 13,068

2013 Fraser Valley Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 125
  • Participants: 714
  • First Time Cyclists: 201
  • Male Cyclists: 394
  • Female Cyclists: 320
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 15,479
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 3,591

2013 Fort St. James Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 9
  • Participants: 57
  • First Time Cyclists: 15
  • Male Cyclists: 15
  • Female Cyclists: 42
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 2,124
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 493

2013 Cowichan Valley Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 38
  • Participants: 164
  • First Time Cyclists: 42
  • Male Cyclists: 90
  • Female Cyclists: 74
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 7,244
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 1,681

2013 Comox Valley Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 112
  • Participants: 621
  • First Time Cyclists: 82
  • Male Cyclists: 289
  • Female Cyclists: 332
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 19,587
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 4,544

2013 Campbell River Bike to Work Week

May 27th – June 2nd

  • Registered Teams: 84
  • Participants: 319
  • First Time Cyclists: 61
  • Male Cyclists: 146
  • Female Cyclists: 173
  • Kilometres Cycled (Round Trip): 12,133
  • Kilograms of Greenhouse Gases Saved: 2,815
No workshops have been registered at this time.

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